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Our Mission

“Magical Aura Entertainment emphasizes a future-focused mindset that promises the highest-quality entertainment. Our highly-trained and diverse cast members inspire every dreamer and work one-on-one with local communities to make magic.”


Here at Magical Aura Entertainment, we understand the importance of ensuring every aspect of our events is of the highest quality. Our performers are all individually trained to excel in their acting, singing, and child interaction by a team of senior performers, vocal instructors, and child care workers. Our entertainers are at the forefront of their industries with years of experience behind them and a vision for the future ahead of them.  Alongside our desire to provide an unparalleled event, we aim to inspire the next generation so they can grow up to have confidence in their magic. Our cast understands the importance of representation and how it helps children build self-confidence and dream. Achieving our goals means always being part of community discussions on industry improvements, highlighting diversity in our workplace, creating and establishing new ideas daily, and taking in feedback from our patrons. Magical Aura Entertainment is growth-focused and can’t wait to share our new ideas with you!

Flower Arrangement 5
Flower Arrangement 5

Upcoming Events

Here are some of our upcoming events we're excited about. For more information about each event, or to sign up, click "More Info" below. To see our full event lineup, take a look at our events calendar.

No events at the moment

Our Partners

Community involvement is important to us! We have partnered with these establishments to bring even more magic to you. If you're looking to have a character visit for a party outside of your home, our partners have a wide variety of venue options to suit your party's needs.

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