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Magical Aura Entertainment is proud to present Mermaid Marina! Our trained performing mermaid is ready to make a splash at your shellebration! Mermaid Marina loves playing games and showing off her favorite underwater tricks, like bubble kisses and barrel rolls, while swimming alongside humans of all ages. When up on land, she loves to share finspirstional stories and songs while posing for unforgettable portraits. Book Mermaid Marina today for a fincredible event experience!

Mermaid Marina is a bubbly and colorful mermaid who hails from Long Island's very own waters! She spent her guppy years growing up splashing in the Long Island Sound where she loved meeting the unique marine life that thrives there. As she grew older, she felt the call of exploration and swam down to start her life anew along the south shore, where she met her best friends Celene the Moon Jelly and Rosie the River Otter. Together, Celene and Rosie help Marina create beautiful trinkets as gifts for her loved ones! Marina is passionate about exploring new depths, creating beautiful things, and making friends! The world is her oyster and she’s ready to experience as much as she can! She hopes to inspire others to always keep dreaming and pursuing their passions, even when they feel nervous. Marina knows the importance of sharing one’s thoughts, feelings, and dreams and always encourages her new friends to share theirs with her and the world. Swim on by and say shello, Marina would love to get to know you too!

Does Marina seem familiar to you? Perhaps you’ve seen her on MTV’s “What’s My Secret”! Marina had a blast sharing her mermaid magic with delightful celebrity judges and hopes her appearance brings a giggle and smile to all viewers!



If you’d like to “sea” more of Marina’s journey, you can catch a wave with her on her instagram page!

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