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Transcendendent Casting

Diversity is a core value employed by Magical Aura Entertainment. We understand the importance of representation in inspiring children to grow and dream to their fullest potential. Because of this, we utilize Transcendent Casting for all of our Black, Indigenous, People Of Color (BIPOC) performers. Transcendent Casting, a term coined by Alyssa Montes (our Public Relations Manager) as an alternative to “colorblind casting,” is the process of providing opportunities for BIPOC performers to perform in traditionally white-cast roles. Transcendent Casting is utilized when a casting choice “transcends” the typical casting choice but does not alter the story. Not only does this provide more opportunities for talented, hard-working, and deserving BIPOC Cast Members, but it also allows for younger generations to see themselves in their favorite storybook characters, heroes, and fantasy characters.


At Magical Aura Entertainment, we will provide the opportunity for families to choose a BIPOC performer when available to fulfill their party or event request. If you are interested in Transcendent Casting for your party or event, please let us know when booking!

Flower Arrangement 5
Flower Arrangement 5
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Photos courtesy of Pass the Crown. For more information about the project and crediting information please visit or visit @passthecrownproject on Instagram.

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